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Our service is most easily differentiated from our competition with our client support offering. We are here to support our work from start to finish and well beyond. In time, our service schedule and times will be accessible directly to you via this section allowing you to book service calls for our products or to correct another companies short comings. Currently the service is still easily available reaching us by telephone or email. So take advantage of it! We're always happy to see another happy customer so let us ensure you stay that way. If you've had a rough go with other glass companies, we'd highly suggest you see why we're so different! We look forward to assisting you!


We are continually investing in the latest tools and applications to enable us to support you better, faster, and more accurately. Response time for all email support is 1 business day or better and Central Glass Works guarantees to provide the highest level of technical service and support in the industry. We are happy to receive your comments and are always looking for ways to improve! If we can in any way, please let us know!

Work Guarantee

Our work is guaranteed. Simple. From the very first company invoice to today, all of our work is guaranteed to the point of ensuring your happiness. Things happen with Glass, each piece is truly unique from one piece to the next including imperfections. A certain degree is accepted in the industry but we will far exceed industry standards to ensure your happiness with the product you receive from us. It doesn't matter if we need to redo it, change things, or remake glass, we are at your service and will do everything in our power to ensure your happiness. We've grown at an amazing rate with no advertising in the first 5 years for a reason; a reason we're happy to share with you!